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  • Defaunation — is a process of local or global extinction of large vertebrates due to anthropogenic processes, such as hunting or forest fragmentation. It is particularly important in tropical rain forests where most of the biodiversity is found. The term was… …   Wikipedia

  • defaunation — de·faun·a·tion (de faw naґshən) the process of defaunating; cf. disinfestation …   Medical dictionary

  • defaunation — de·fau·na·tion …   English syllables

  • Cascade effect (ecology) — An ecological cascade effect is a series of secondary extinctions that is triggered by the primary extinction of a key species in an ecosystem. Secondary extinctions are likely to occur when the threatened species are: dependent on a few specific …   Wikipedia

  • disinfestation — Physical or chemical process to destroy or remove small undesirable animal forms, particularly arthropods or rodents, present upon the person, clothing, or environment of an individual or domestic animals. * * * n. the destruction of insect pests …   Medical dictionary

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